Information from January breach not exploited, Centennial School District officials say.

FILE PHOTO - A logo for Centennial School District. The Centennial School District has not pressed charges against two unnamed students who hacked into the districts computers in January and got access to the personal information of "a couple of hundred" students and former students.

Gresham Police officer Ben Costigan said the district declined to press charges and handled the matter within the school district.

When the incident was uncovered, the two students were immediately suspended, but district spokesperson Carol Fenstermacher declined to say if or how the students have been disciplined since then because they are under 18.

"As far as we can tell, the students didn't do anything illegal with the information they accessed, so at this point there are no charges to be pressed," Fenstermacher said.

The motivation for the hack may have been bragging rights. At the time Fenstermacher noted on student said he "just wanted to prove that I could do it.'"

The student hackers accessed student names, birth dates, addresses, schools, year in school, phone numbers, students' school identification numbers and state education numbers, gender, and race and ethnicity. Social Security numbers were not listed on the student records that were compromised.

"The safety and security of our students is always our top priority," Fenstermacher said.

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