More News: TriMet picks artist for transit station tribute, Oaks Park introduces new coaster.

FILE PHOTO - Mayor Ted WheelerFollowing a protest over the police shooting of a possible car jacking suspecting in a homeless shelter at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, April 7, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler called on the public to allow the investigation to proceed.

"Last night officers responded to multiple calls for service regarding a suspect that ultimately ended in an officer involved shooting. The loss of a life is always tragic. My priority is to discover the facts and circumstances regarding this incident. Already, there are those who want to immediately define what happened. It would be highly irresponsible for me to participate in speculation at this time. I urge us all to allow investigators to do their work, to uncover the facts, and to report on their findings," Wheeler said in a Sunday evening statement.

The man who was shot by police is identified by KOIN 6 News as John Elifritz, 48, of Clackamas County. KOIN posted a cell phone video of the shooting on its website. The video shows people inside the shelter scrambling and trying to get outside after a man bursts in. Police rush in moments later and confront the man, who seems to hesitate and then move toward them before being shot.

TriMet picks artist for transit station tribute

TriMet has chosen Sarah Farahat, an interdisciplinary Egyptian American artist and educator, for the Tribute Wall at the Hollywood Transit Station.

The project is intended to honor those who lost their lives in the May 26, 2017, attack on a MAX train, as well as recognize the courage of those who were targeted by and stood up to hatred and violence, TriMet said.

Jeremy Christian is charged with numerous crimes, including murder, in the attack. It happened after other riders on a MAX train came to the defense of two girls Christian was verbally assaulting, including one wearing a hijab. Three men intervened and were attacked — two of them, Happy Valley resident Ricky Best and recent Reed College graduate Taliesin Namkai-Meche, were killed. Christian is also charged with seriously wounding Micah David-Cole Fletcher.

Oaks Amusement Park introduces new coaster

Portland's 113-year-old Oaks Amusement Park unveiled its newest roller coaster on Saturday, March 24.

Adrenaline Peak, as it's called, starts with a 72-foot vertical climb and then a past-vertical, 97-degree fall. It has a bigger loop than the previous coaster (70 feet, as opposed to 40 feet), a partial inversion and a full corkscrew — meaning three opportunities to be upside-down. And the ride takes less than one minute — theoretically and depending on lines, a great number of rides can be had in an afternoon at Oaks Park.

Overall, it's a major upgrade from Looping Thunder, the previous roller coaster that made its debut at Oaks Amusement Park in 1996. It had a loop, but not an inversion or corkscrew.

"It's a bigger track, a smoother ride. The cars are bigger," says ride maintenance supervisor Joe Dement. Cars seat eight, and three cars can be prepared to roll. "It was an upgrade. The other one was a little rougher."

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