Volunteers refurbished the track, washed windows, weeded, made repairs and did myriad other chores

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: COMCAST  - Comcast employees and other volunteers moved and spread 60 yards of bark for the Sweetbrier Elementary School running trail on Saturday, April 21, Comcast Cares Day. About 300 Comcast employees and their families and local volunteers gave Sweetbriar Elementary School a major scrubbing Saturday.

"The event was amazing! The building was flooded with over 300 volunteers both inside and outside the school," said Marie Marianiello, principal of Sweetbriar.

"They worked on some big projects like refurbishing a track. Volunteers widened it, flattened it and laid new bark dust. We are super excited about this project and are going to be using it for a running fundraiser event this Friday," Marianiello said.

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: COMCAST  - It takes a lot of pizza to fuel 300 hardworking volunteers after theyve cleaned up an elementary school. Saturday April 21, was a nationwide day of service for Comcast employees as they marshaled more than 100,000 volunteers all over the country. They donated their time to work in community centers, shelters, schools and other sites.

At Sweetbriar, in the Reynolds School District in Troutdale, Comcast volunteers washed windows, painted games and lines on the playground, repaired a broken basketball hoop, weeded and spruced up the landscaping and engaged in myriad other chores. The track project involved spreading 60 yards of bark.

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: COMCAST  - Bryant Stot, left, and Brian Johnson deliver bark for the running trail. Both their dads work for Comcast"Inside the building they remodeled a small room into a kid-friendly space, redecorated a staff room including all new furnishings and did a ton of painting and cleaning," she said.

Marianiello noted it was great to partner with Comcast and the other day's organizer, United Way.

"They have been in and out of the building for the past month talking, planning and listening to what the needs were and then, bam, in one day it was done," she said.

Seeing so many community members there, from Comcast, to United Way, to church members from the church down the street, families, students, etc. was encouraging and a wonderful reminder that we all have shared values, she said.

"When you come to the school, it looks fresh, inviting and bright both inside and out," Marianiello said.

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: COMCAST  - Craig Thurman, Comcast technologist welding the basketball backboard at Sweetbrier. He attended the school as a child.

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: COMCAST  - 5. Crystal Cline of Troutdale, a local parent with Riyen on her back, ready to tackle another job at Comcast Cares Day.

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: COMCAST  - Comcast Regional Senior Vice President Rodrigo Lopez, takes on Louisiana.

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