An investigation determined that though not at fault, JayDan had not established a safety committee

OUTLOOK PHOTO - Incident ruled an accident a FedEx facility in October, 2017.Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration found JayDan Trucking and Fedex both not be at fault during an incident where a truck driver for JayDan trucking died at a Troutdale FedEx facility in 2017.

Carl Roberts, 61, was killed on Oct. 14, 2017 at about 6:30 a.m. during an incident where he was hooking up a semi truck and dual trailer set, according to a copy of Oregon OSHA's inspection report obtained by The Outlook. Roberts was pinned under a truck after it rolled backyards as Roberts was hooking up the last trailer.

"Really, what this amounted to was an awful tragedy," said Aaron Corvin, Oregon OSHA spokesperson. "What we essentially found was the parking brakes were not set, and the worker was crushed because (of that)."

Through the investigation, OSHA determined that Roberts had thorough background and training in the operation of semi-trucks, Corvin said, he had just forgotten to set the brakes.

Though the report states it was his first week on the job for JayDan trucking. FedEx hires JayDan trucking as a subontractor to move frieght at the site.

While FedEx and JayDan both were not found at fault for the incident, investigation OSHA determined that JayDan Trucking did not have an established safety committee, which Oregon OSHA determined was a serious violation.

"When it comes to safety committees, they're critical parts of the safety operations," Corvin said. "We're going to take a look at whether the employer is maintaining a safety committee. During the investigation we found that the employer didn't have an established safety committee. It's a routine thing we're going to ask about."

The penalty for that is $300, however it was reduced by 40 percent to $180 because of the size of the company, Corvin said.

JayDan Trucking was required to fix the issue by April 2, 2018, according to the report, and Oregon OSHA was expected to hear soon if the company had fixed that issue, Corvin said.

"We expect to receive proof from the employer soon that the safety committee violation has been fixed," Corvin said in a follow-up email to The Outlook. "Such proof will include documentation of monthly safety committee minutes, what was discussed, and a roster of who attended."

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