Citing health reasons and desire to retire, Khoury family to close their venerable downtown Gresham deli

OUTLOOK PHOTO: SHANNON O. WELLS - Since 2006, Selmas Baker & Deli has been a family-run mainstay on Second Street in downtown Gresham. Because of health reasons and the desire to retire, owner Selma Khoury decided to close the business after Saturday, May 19. After 14 years of pleasing customers with lovingly homemade culinary delights, Selma's Mediterranean Bakery and Deli in downtown Gresham is closing its doors.

The last day of business for the restaurant at 184 N.E. Second St. is Saturday, May 19. No special fanfare is planned, but Selma's will be open its regular 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. hours.

Owner and chef Selma Khoury said she and her husband, Nick, both of whom have faced health challenges, are ready to retire.

"Honestly this past year we have been dealing with health issues. My husband has heart problems. We've thought about this the past seven or eight months. It was a hard decision to close."

None of the Khourys' sons, Shadee, Fadee, and Eddie, all of whom have worked at the bakery, plan to take the business on at this point.

"They're not interested in the food business," Selma said.

Selma wasn't able to make a big advance announcement, she added, because the family wasn't sure how business-related things were going to go.

OUTLOOK PHOTO: SHANNON O. WELLS - Selma Khoury has put her heart and soul into a variety of Mediterranean specialities at her family's downtown Gresham bakery for the past 12 years. She will close the restaurant for good on Saturday, May 19.  Because of the loyalty of her customers, many of whom have visited the family's Gresham home, Selma said her Mediterranean recipes and specialities — including gyros, wraps, Greek salads, grape leaves, tabouli, hummus — will continue to be enjoyed.

"I just want to thank everybody in Gresham," Selma said. "Every person that's entered this door, I love them all. I hope one day our paths will cross and we will see many of them."

To place a take out order in the last 48 hours of Selma's, visit or call 503-492-1365.