Resident aims to beautify town by decorating underpass under Fairview Parkway.

Fairview citizens will get a chance to spatter paint into a rainbow mural on a pedestrian underpass at Salish Ponds Trail later this summer.

During the painting get-together, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 25, professional artists will coordinate with community members, and the citizens will toss paint onto the underpass while the pros will use the random samplings to create a structured mural, said Christina Uptergrove, a Fairview Community Engagement Committee member helping to organize the event. Uptergrove informed the Fairview City Council of the committee's plans at the council's meeting on Wednesday, July 18. OUTLOOK PHOTO: MATT DEBOW - The pedestrian underpass at the Salish Ponds Trail is often marred with graffiti. On Sunday, Aug. 5, the latest vandalism was covered with patches of paint.

Uptergrove said she was "inspired to paint the town rainbow" after noticing that the underpass, which crosses under Fairview Parkway, gets vandalized often.

"I hope with this mural that we will be able to deter graffiti because everybody will have helped create it," Uptergrove said. "(But) if graffiti is put up there, the paint can be splattered to create the beautiful mural (again)."

The engagement committee is a group whose members are appointed by the Fairview City Council, and assists the council with city business.

The city is aiming to host the event on Aug. 25, but Fairview City Administrator Nolan Young said that date is uncertain because he's unsure if it's enough time to acquire supplies and receive a permit from Multnomah County, which owns the bridge.

All Fairview councilors voiced support for the project, with Councilor Brian Cooper offering the most encouragement.

"I've been looking forward to this. I've been wanting a mural for a long time," Cooper said. "This makes the hair on my neck stand up. I really think people are going to (rally) around this."

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