Council candidate would bring new perspective to Fairview if elected to Position 6.

Darren Riordan, 45, is running for Fairview City Council Position 6 against fellow newcomer Antonia Kreamier, 47. The seat is currently held by Brian Cooper, who did not seek re-election and opted instead to file as a candidate for mayor.

Riordan is the owner of Custom Soft Technical Services, an Information Technology company.

Riordan holds a bachelor's degree from Portland State University in Business Administration.

He has served on civil boards in Fairview and serving on City Council would be a natural progression.

"I've been volunteering for the last six years in Fairview, and so I'm just looking to take the next step," Riordan said.

Creating municipal recreation programs and public safety are a couple of his priorities.

"I think recreation is important for kids particularly in this area," Riordan said. "We have a really high need for kids to be able to participate in (after-school programs) and a lot of kids in this area don't have the capacity to do that."

If elected, Riordan would be one of the younger council members.

"So I just bring a younger perspective to things," he said. "My civic engagement and leadership involvement for the last six years in Fairview sets me apart."

A major issue Riordan would like to see addressed is finding a way to connect north and south Fairview for pedestrians. An underpass at a railroad bridge on Northeast 223rd Avenue does not accommodate bicylists or walkers.

"For a lot of people in south Fairview, there's not a way to get to the parks safely without driving," he said.

Riordan added that working well in groups is another reason why people should vote for him.

"We can have disagreements about particular issues, but it's important to be respectful and listen to people," he said.

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