Bathhouse will be closed and rebuilt because of structural deterioration, vandalism

COURTESY PHOTO: U.S. FOREST SERVICE - Bathhouse Two at Bagby Hot Springs will be closed while the U.S. Forest Service develops a long-term plan for the location that will require less maintenance and be less prone to vandalism. The U.S. Forest Service has closed one of the bathhouses at Bagby Hot Springs in the Mt. Hood National Forest because of structural deterioration. Bathhouse Two is a wooden structure with five private soaking tubs and is showing signs of rot because of exposure to the elements. Vandalism has also contributed to the deterioration of the structure in the Clackamas River Ranger District.

Forest Service staff plan to dismantle the bathhouse structure this summer and develop a long-term plan for the heavily used site that will require less maintenance and be less prone to vandalism.

Plans for improvements at Bathhouses 1 and 3, which offer communal soaking tubs, will likely take place next year. Future improvements set for Bagby Hot Springs will include public notice and opportunities for comment.

"I recognize the unique recreation opportunity that Bagby Hot Springs provides to the public. This site allows people to soak in natural hot springs in a beautiful, forested setting. The district seeks to maintain this opportunity into the future, including developing more sustainable facilities. We are committed to involving the public early as we explore options," said Clackamas District Ranger Jackie Groce.

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