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The Stop at 4 Campaign is working to prevent children from falling out of windows

The Stop at 4 Campaign is working to prevent children from falling out of windows by sharing safety tips to help avoid injuries and deaths.

Between April 16 and May 14, five children fell out of windows in the Portland metropolitan area.

Falls from windows are a preventable cause of injury in young children, and can occur anytime windows left open more than four inches.

The campaign offers these safety tips:

  • Keep windows closed and locked when not in use.

  • Create a "kid-free play zone" in front of windows and keep furniture or anything a child can climb on away from windows.

  • Install window stops to prevent windows from opening more than 4 inches. Install window guards if you open a window more than 4 inches. Use window stops and guards that can be opened easily by an adult in an emergency; not the thumb-screw-type security locks, which can loosen and become a choking hazard.

  • If you have windows that can open from both top and bottom, open the top and add a stop to the bottom window.

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