James Ruport, a physical therapist and Troutdale's leading sciatica specialist, advises how you can be helped with 'functional patterns.'

JAMES RUPORTOver the past two months I have talked to you about various causes of sciatica, ways to diagnose the problem, and how to start alleviating the pain. The previous articles have a lot of tips to start easing pain and taking pressure off of your nerves.

The major causes of sciatica are disk bulges, joint degeneration and sacroiliac joint dysfunctions. Most clinicians who are up to date will treat each diagnosis in the ways I outlined in the previous articles, but I have found that there is another way.

Over the last three years I have been learning Functional Patterns treatment methods to address the underlying cause that leads to disk bulges, degeneration, and sacroiliac joint dysfunction; compression.

Think of gravity pushing down on your body every day, always compressing your body. Then, ad stresses, injuries, sitting to much, not moving very well and you have a recipe for disaster. But there is hope!

Functional patterns is an active treatment that helps muscles work together in full body movements to take pressure off of joints. Whether it's the knee, hip, back or neck, these exercises can address pain in all the joints at once.

I know a lot of people will think "of course we need to strengthen the body." This is different. The amount of precision taught through functional patterns is second to none, and that is why functional patterns practitioners around the world are changing cases of scoliosis that the medical field otherwise say are unchangeable.

This is very challenging, but people who stick with it will reap rewards beyond what people normally get with physical therapy, exercise, or traditional strength training.

It's not the only way I treat back pain and sciatica. I pair the treatment with the person in front of me, but when we get a good match, its beautiful. A good match is usually an active person who has had pain for a while, tried other therapies without resolve, and is willing to make changes to their body to get rid of the pain.

If that is you, you should reach out. I currently am the only Functional Patterns Specialist within hundreds of miles and am introducing this program to people from Boise to Los Angeles. I can show you a way to get stronger, move better, look better, align your body and ease your pain.

James Ruport is a doctor of physical therapy and is happy to answer the questions you have about sciatica or his Digital PT program. Send your questions via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For a free copy of his eBook on back pain and sciatica, visit his website.

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