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Oct. 11, 2013

Hunger knows no holiday

Well, we are officially into fall with the vegetable gardens still producing, but slowing down and not knowing which way the weather is headed, trying to get the last of the food on the vines ripened before winter comes to town.

One thing is certain — hunger doesn’t take a holiday, nor does it go into hibernation. Unfortunately, it is one of those things that never goes away.

We are fortunate to have an organization like SnowCap in our area, always there for those less fortunate and always busy helping others. We can do the same by remembering to drop off food to fill their shelves, even fresh and frozen, now that they have their new freezer up and running.

Next time you are out shopping, put some extra items in your grocery cart for SnowCap. Check out their website,, for more information, and if you are one of the fortunate ones with some time on your hands, consider volunteering for them.

This is one nonprofit that is basically made up of many volunteers, helping to keep costs down, and they can boast an overhead of less than 8 percent. How many others can say that?

Alyson Huntting, Gresham

Celebrate central service professionals

Central service professionals are being celebrated for their important role and commitment to patient safety during the annual International Central Service Week, Oct. 13-19.

The International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM) represents approximately 21,000 central service professionals in the United States and abroad who facilitate the procurement, management and processing of surgical supplies and equipment.

Central service professionals are integral members of the health care team who are responsible for decontaminating, inspecting, assembling, disassembling, packaging and sterilizing reusable surgical instruments or devices in a health care facility that are essential for patient safety.

If you or someone you love has undergone a surgical procedure, a central service professional was directly responsible for the cleaning and sterilization of the instruments used throughout your operation.

Please join us in honoring these dedicated central service professionals by celebrating International Central Service Week.

Steve Arnold, Gresham

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