What's Inside This Article? Disabled people can't rely on city, one readers writes.

COURTESY PHOTO - Sheriff Mike Reese shakes hands with Fairview Mayor Ted Tosterud.Congratulations to Fairview taxpayers, who will join other local jurisdictions in enjoying high quality police services from Multnomah County that are efficiently delivered.

However, as The Outlook calls for, the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office needs to find a way to deliver crime reporting details to the media on a timely and ongoing basis. In a political climate where the media is vilified and minimized across our country, it is more important than ever that we vigorously protect government transparency and press freedom here in East Multnomah County.

Dave Dyk


Disabled people can't rely on city

I talked to the Gresham police chief about a situation. She said they couldn't do anything about it. This was a situation that needs the city's mediation process.

This is to inform you that the city of Gresham doesn't care about people with disabilities. I tried to get help at 7:15 p.m. July 12 by calling the non-emergency number. They said they know how I feel, but couldn't help me. They mentioned that this was a civil matter, and to hire a lawyer.

I have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and I love sitting on my deck. Why should I have to smell diesel exhaust that drifts over my property and into my home? This lasts for 25 minutes.

If this was happening to a police officer or a fire employee, the situation would be taken care of immediately, but not to people who have disabilities.

The police and fire departments don't care, especially if it doesn't violate a city code.

People who have disabilities should have the same rights as someone without a disability.

The Gresham City Council, Fire and Police departments are a bad example of taking care of people with disabilities. Our rights are being violated because of policies — or lack of — within the city of Gresham.

People with disabilities often can't afford to hire a lawyer. But they shouldn't need to hire one in the first place. It's the job of the police and fire departments to protect all citizens.

It's funny that the City Council can pass an ordinance that puts restrictions on parking RVs on city streets in Gresham, but they don't care about people who have breathing issues by allowing toxins from private vehicles to pollute the air and make breathing difficult.

If the City Council really cared about the community and the people they serve, especially people with breathing disabilities and other medical problems, things would change.

Wayne Oberg


Editor's note: This letter stems from a dispute between Wayne Oberg and his neighbor. Oberg alleges that his neighbor intentionally idles his diesel pickup on a daily basis. Oberg said his neighbor is aware of his COPD, but shows no concern or sign of changing his habits.

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