Letter writer David Buoy of Brightwood says a Sandy Post news story incorrectly characterizes Rep. Mark Johnson, R-Hood River, with supporting a gross receipts tax.

A recent Sandy Post article implies that Rep. Mark Johnson, District 52, supported a gross receipts tax like Ohio's. Not true, not even close to true.

Rep. Mark JohnsonJohnson was obliged to examine the issue because he is a member of the House Revenue Committee. He never supported and will not support a gross receipts tax for Oregon because we already have a high personal income tax. A GRT would tax S corporations, limited liability corporations and pass-through companies twice.

I am pleased that Johnson is on the Revenue Committee. There are few legislators who have the fiscal knowledge and moral courage to look at the real problem instead of simply ratifying unwise tax policies.

Johnson was looking out for the best interests of Oregonians from his seat at the table, rather than a campaign podium.

Our budget issues are not due to a lack of revenue. The lack of fiscal discipline and overly generous public employee benefits are the problem.

Rep. Johnson has not faltered in the face of those who would tax us all for the benefit of the few. We would do well to keep him in office. And now you have the rest of the story.

David Buoy


Community shines amid tragic fire in the Gorge

A very big thank you to our community's first line responders who are battling the Eagle Creek Fire. The Corbett community, as demonstrated by Corbett Volunteer Fire District, is strong and resilient.

It has been heartwarming to see residents from across East Multnomah County step up to provide support for neighbors, volunteering to provide shelter and rest in many ways. When Multnomah Falls Lodge was threatened, Gresham Fire stepped up. When a shelter location was needed, Mt. Hood Community College was there. When goods or services were needed, businesses throughout Troutdale, Fairview and Gresham donated resources.

Amidst the smoke, while we continue to pray for rain and the safety of the fire crews, it is a breath of fresh air to be reminded of what makes our community great.

Dave Dyk


And these messages were received as comments on Facebook:

Eagle Creek Fire reactions

• Thanks to the tireless efforts of dozens who put themselves in harm's way to protect that which others treat so carelessly.

Lisa Black

• Thanks to all the different fire departments helping to save (Multnomah Falls) Lodge. I was able to read names of two or three departments. I know there are more. What a team effort.

Toni Wilson

• Thank you, to the brave men and women who protected this beautiful place. Stay safe.

Kelly Spence Holderman

• Amazing! I'm so incredibly thankful to all the firefighters who fought so hard to protect this.

Katie Howard

• It's crazy. We got a tiny bit of the smoke from these fires here in Northeast Ohio last night. They came on the trade winds blowing east, according to a local weather report.

Vicki Harrison

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