Not opening bottlenecks in the Rose Quarter, I-205 and so on will only increase traffic.

FILE PHOTO - Traffic in Portland.Not opening bottlenecks in the Rose Quarter, I-205 and so on will only increase traffic headaches and not solve our transportation problems. It will build until the people have had enough and take things to court and overrule those who want less traffic.

The only way for less traffic in Portland, let alone elsewhere, is not through less parking (we all see that this is becoming worse), bicycles that many cannot ride, bus and MAX which do not go everywhere people want, and no emergency transportation except taxis, Uber, or LYFT, which many cannot afford.

The only way to get people out of their cars is with people movers, like in Disneyland, or possibly electric bicycles, which now have options such as being enclosed as single seaters to four seaters, which are not expensive and go 30 miles on a charge.

People need cars for going places that public transportation cannot go, independence for shopping, appointments, business, pleasure, emergencies, and so on. Until this is resolved, cars are still going to be the No. 1 transportation regardless of what any of us desire.

So if those who want to stop transportation and increase our polluted air, by all means keep cars idling in traffic as traffic congestion continues to grow, trying to find parking and clogging up the streets, and increasing costs of goods and services.

I am sure that this show of wonderful increased pollution will enhance the "myth" of environmentalists wanting cleaner air, water and soil without considering the consequences of unwise decision making that has not engaged people of all walks of life to help resolve these issues.

Ted Adams



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Cascade Locks feels the burn of Eagle Creek fire

When this is all over (Eagle Creek Fire) there should be something like a "Support Cascade Locks" event. People make a point to come to Cascade Locks and support the population. The restaurants and pubs etc. Make it an event or type of fair. I'd come!

Stephanie Stephens Stewart

Ice cream! The best soft serve in the Northwest. #EastwindDriveIn

Robbie Tice

I can't wait to visit and support Cascade Locks. My mom and I were just talking about visiting. We need to "shop local" this holiday season! It's especially important with this tragedy.

Samantha Itkin

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