The story reports that the school was apparently having difficulty attracting parent volunteers.

OUTLOOK PHOTO - A round-up of comments from the Tuesday, Oct. 10 edition of The Outlook.The Outlook's Facebook page is abuzz over a short story ("East Gresham PTO plans to dissolve," Page A10) that we ran in the Friday, Oct. 6, edition.

The story reports that the school was apparently having difficulty attracting parent volunteers to become officers of the Parent Teacher Organization. So the decision was made to dissolve the PTO and transfer its assets ($10,320) directly to the school.

Here's what people have been saying about this news story on our Facebook page:

This is sad. Generally speaking, schools that have the most parent envolvement produce the highest results. This includes quality time spent with children at home. Families seems to come out of the woodwork when there is "free stuff" being handed out at this same school every week. Too bad they don't take the same interest in making our community a better place and the school a better learning environment for it's students.

Bob Fenske

Per the article, " . . . the organization was having difficulty attracting parents to be officers of the PTO." Same applies to all sorts of volunteer-based organizations including the one I was involved in for over 15 years.

Bet it wasn't just the officer positions that were hard to fill. It probably included all the supporting roles as well. If they can find others to manage all the activities, who are these "others" and why won't they step up to fill the positions?

My conclusion is that people want the activities and services, they just don't want to take on any of the responsibility to provide them, or to pay for them, and their range of justifications for not stepping up is sad. I just hope the school doesn't force the teachers to be the "others."

Gary Bryan Wright

Not surprised when parents have to work two jobs to make rent now days. Schools with higher income student base often have parents who are able to volunteer more time.

RA Adele

Can't make people care.....and yes, I live in an area with high poverty, multiple languages, and a PTC full of parents who work full-time. When everyone does what little they can, the kids reap the rewards.

Dena Schulz Najdek

Meadows lost its PTO a couple years ago. Parents want all the fun without putting in the work. Free dinners from SUN and a function sure brings the crowds out.

Brenda Thomas Becker

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