More Letters: Just move people to East County, writes Tim Tommas of Southeast Portland.

GOOGLE MAPS IMAGE - Fairview Parkway.On Tuesday Oct. 17, I was driving to work at about 4:40 a.m. I got on the freeway (off Fairview Parkway), onto Interstate 84, heading toward my job in Vancouver.

On the on-ramp, I noticed very bright lights directly behind me; a motorcyclist tailgating me.

As I got onto the freeway, traffic was heavy, and the right lane was ending because of road construction. I tried to merge into the next lane, but the motorcyclist was passing on my left, right beside my car, and left me no room to merge left. The left lane was ending, immediately. My response was to veer right, knocking over two barrels, to avoid hitting the motorcyclist. If it would have been a cement wall, I would have done the same, having no other option.

I am so thankful that this individual wasn't hurt, or even killed!

What I am not understanding, is whether actions of this person indicated, either: 1) thoughts that he/she is invincible, or 2) thoughts that his/her life (and others) isn't worth protecting?

Wherever they thought they needed to get in such a hurry...was it worth ending their life? I sincerely hope that other motorcyclists might read this and rethink their driving habits.

Please give other motorists space and consideration, as most of us try hard to do the same.

Michelle Toste


Just move people to East County

Isn't it wonderful that all the city of Portland has to do to show an increase in hourly wages and a decrease in gang violence is to move poor people, criminals and gang members to East County? I wonder if the figures east of 122nd Avenue are similar.

Tim Tommaso

Southeast Portland

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