More Letters: Term limits needed for Troutdale council, Outlook keeps the heat on ICE.

OPB PHOTO - Albert Delarosa stocks shelves with Coca-Cola.When I first heard about the new proposal for a beverage tax, I thought, "Here we go again." It's just one more thing that's going to hit small businesses like mine where it hurts.

I've been following what's happening to small grocers in cities where the tax has been implemented, like Berkeley, Calif., Philadelphia and Chicago. People are taking their business elsewhere. They're still buying what they want.

They're just taking their drink sales and their other purchases, like snacks or milk, to stores elsewhere. I'm proud of the service I provide to my neighbors and I work hard to take care of my customers.

But I'm really worried that this tax is going to force us to raise prices or even eventually put us out of business. If you care about your small businesses in your neighborhood, don't sign the petition for the beverage tax. How will your neighborhood work without us?

Rorbert Edwards

KBT Market


Term limits needed for Troutdale council

Troutdale is suffering from stagnation. There is a lack of fresh ideas. There is a surprising lack of diversity. There is no transparency. Long term elected officials are not held accountable for their dubious decision making. The political disease of special interests (cronyism) has infected city committee appointments. The cause: city councilors who stay around too long.

The only solution to this problem is to enact term limits for the Troutdale City Council.

There is little human diversity on the council. Even though Clara Latourell Larsson was elected as one of Oregon's first female mayors back in 1914, and even though women make up 51 precent of Troutdale residents, it has been extremely rare for women and minorities to serve on the City Council.

This lack of diversity inhibits the council's ability to serve all of our city's citizens. Term limits will allow additional opportunities for women and minorities to serve our city.

The views of long-serving city councilors seldom change. Their proposals are often self-serving. They are not open to fresh ideas. They have no vision for our city. City councils thrive when new ideas are allowed to flourish. Term limits would clear away the dead wood and bring a diversity of fresh ideas to the Troutdale City Council.

City councilors holding the same seat for years inject the political disease of special interest groups (cronyism) into the appointment of the city's citizen committee assignments. They feel they are royalty and don't need to be held accountable.

There is little doubt about the price we pay for elected officials who stay too long in their positions. Term limits are the only answer for our city. Term limits will enable our city to embrace diversity, inject new talent and fresh ideas, end chronic cronyism, and thin the deadwood from Troutdale's City Council.

If two terms are good enough for the president of the United States, it should be good enough for the elected officials of Troutdale.

Robert Canfield


Outlook keeps the heat on ICE

I wanted to thank you for your editorial ("Answers needed in ICE encounter," The Outlook, Oct. 31) on the need for scrutiny into how ICE is conducting business in our community.

I appreciate the attention The Outlook is giving this issue, and its stance in support of the proper role of law enforcement and the protection of our citizens and neighbors.

Zach Hudson


Contract Publishing

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