More Letters: Please help SnowCap Communite Charities with food donations, writes Alyson Huntting

KOIN 6 NEWS PHOTO - Soft drinks for sale.I believe that each of us cares deeply about the health and well-being of kids. I also believe that no one wants to see harm done to small businesses.

With this in mind, I urge you to withhold your support of the Multnomah County Beverage Tax, which is being discussed. It is wholly inadequate in accomplishing our shared goals as a community.

In this and many upcoming elections, residents will hear that we must choose between kids or business. Here's what they won't tell you: Another tax won't fix the problem. The simple truth is that taxes and government boards are not substitutes for community.

In fact, taxes like these are detrimental to small business owners, their families and their communities.

I want to believe that it's unintentional, but it seems our lawmakers continue to push more taxes and regulations without regard to the consequences.

We — small business owners — are being shut out of the conversation, out of the discussion, and out of the backroom where the deal is struck to decide which false choice will be forced upon voters in the upcoming election.

When I started Joy Teriyaki 13 years ago, I wanted to provide a positive impact in my community. As the son of Korean immigrants, my parents taught me the value of working hard for each paycheck.

I am proud to have opened 17 Joy Teriyaki restaurants in diverse communities across the Portland metro area, while employing nearly 100 hard working Oregonians.

But the taxation and burdensome regulations that are handed down onto my restaurants have made it much more difficult than it should be.

What our kids need is a commitment from within our community to ensure everyone is educated on the benefits and has a viable path to a healthier lifestyle.

We must come together to address common challenges. Not with mandates and dogma, but with open hearts and open minds

Justin Hwang

Joy Teriyaki


Please help SnowCap with food donations

'Tis the season for Fill-A-Bag, literally and physically.

The Outlook generously inserted the brown "Fill-A-Bag" in its Tuesday edition this week, but anyone can get on board and fill their own bags with non-perishables and drop them off at the designated locations or at SnowCap itself, 17805 S.E. Stark St.

Grocers are having some great sales now and they will continue through December, which helps this annual event ensure no one goes hungry.

With your generosity, we can make this a banner year, bigger and better than before.

Please share this season with those who are less fortunate.

For other ideas on giving, visit SnowCap's website, SnowCap is an amazing organization that puts others first. That's what it's all about

Alyson Huntting


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