More Letters: Solutions for homeless students, Citizenship in the U.S. has its responsibilities.

COURTESY PHOTO - The MeToo hashtag.Please pass my appreciation on to Leslie Pugmire Hole (what a great name!) for her editorial on the #metoo movement.

I almost didn't read it, thinking I knew what it was going to say. Her epiphany about how ingrained it is in us women to think harassment is normal and something we have to put up with was an eye opener for me as well. I'd never looked at it that way.

Never thought I'd say this, but #metoo.

Sam (Doreen Button)


Solutions for homeless students

Regarding "Homeless student number sets record" (Nov. 23 Tribune): I am shocked about the number of homeless students in Oregon. As an international student who was in Chicago for almost seven months before I moved here, I did not imagine that Oregon, which is a quiet state, has this huge of an issue. I appreciate the Oregon Department of Education's effort to make a school environment a good place for students who face challenges outside. Also, I give my support for "The Every Student Succeeds," and I believe that it is extremely helpful.

I would share some suggestions to figure out these issues or at least decrease the number of homeless students. First, I think that violence at home could be one of the main causes of homeless students who do not want to stay in a house that's like a hell. Therefore, if a student already knows there is a safe place for staying when he faces violence at a home, he won't prefer to stay under threats that may adversely affect his life and future.

Second, the Oregon Department of Education must do more research about causes of student homelessness.

Honestly, finding reasons is the only way to prevent this issue, or at least decrease the number of homeless students. Lastly, we should worry about the homeless student issue because it can affect someone and destroy their life.

Abdullah Almutairi

North Portland

Citizenship in the U.S. has its responsibilities

This is America.

Not African-America.

Not Hispanic-America.

Not Asian-America.

Not Norweigan-America.

Nor any other ethnic prefix. America is the original Heinz 57 — mutt, half-breed country, filled with people of all nationalities who've come to blend together, forming one nation, indivisible.

This is a country filled with almost all nationalities, otherwise known as Americans.

Are there injustices here? Are there prejudices here? Is there hypocrisy here? Of course there are. There are people here aren't there?

The language of America is a version of British English, known as American, molded and fashioned over a few hundred years. But it is basically, English. We speak English in America. Do you wish to live in this country? Then I suggest you learn the language as all the immigrants who've landed on these shores legally have. If any American decides to live in Portugal, they had better learn that language?

I don't have the answers to all our ethnic problems but I do know this: If America continues to fragment itself based on ethnic origin, we will eventually collapse as we divide and establish ethnic boundaries. Hate will fill our land. And violence will be the order of the day.

America has one flag. The flag of the United States of America. Pools of blood have been shed to maintain our freedom in these United States. Blood has spilled from all manner of ethnic veins. The blood was shed first in 1776 just to form the United States.

That blood was not shed to form a shattered, broken, dis-unified bunch of groups unwilling to share the same language and goals.

What about your rights? A better question asked of all of us by this country would be: What are your responsibilities?

David Nelson


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