Politicians aren't known for doing anything that 'reins in' themselves, argues Paul Wilcox.

FILE PHOTO - Councilor Zach HudsonOn Dec. 19 the Troutdale City Council held a work session to discuss charter amendments related to the election or appointment of city councilors.

These included "top three" voting to elect councilors, "resign-to-run" for councilors running for mayor mid-term, "resigning" councilors not participating in the selection of their successors, and term limits.

All of these ideas were dismissed out-of-hand by the entire City Council — with the exception of Councilor Zach Hudson — as not anything the council wants voting citizens to have a say on.

The status quo result is that in the case of the current "elect-by-position" procedure the opportunity for either an incumbent or a newcomer to run unopposed is maximized if there is no challenger in a particular council seat.

Without "resign-to-run," a councilor who is elected mayor mid-term leaves an empty seat that is filled by appointment for the remaining two years of the term. As far as incumbents supporting term limits, politicians aren't known for doing anything that "reins in" themselves.

Paul Wilcox


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