The following comments were made to stories that appear on The Outlook's website and Facebook.

FILE PHOTO - Multnomah County Chair Deborah KafouryThe following comments were made to stories that appear on The Outlook's website ( and on our Facebook page.

Multnomah Chair Deborah Kafoury called on to resign over epithet

COMMENT: There is time and place for most everything. What she said could have taken place outside of this meeting. Instead she was a hothead and said it where knowing full well everyone could hear it. That says a lot about someone. If (Kafoury) had done this at any other job, you would most likely be immediately reprimanded and possibly face more consequences. She should resign. We don't need someone like that on any commission period.

Jason C Blain

COMMENT: So you all must think this is an isolated incident. Would love to see this career politician step down.

David R. Jothen

COMMENT: Ladies, retract those claws and do the job you are paid to do! If not, there's the door!

Marie Luther Pokorny

COMMENT: They remind me of misbehaving junior-high children. These are our leaders people. Time to vote some grownups into office.

Kathy Hoyt Hamlin

COMMENT: You can't have somebody resign for not always being perfect. If this were consistent behavior that she is unwilling to change that would be something to look at.

Gini Farr Kraemer

COMMENT: Which is worse? Being called a b**** once during a meeting or a racist over and over again.

Wade Garrett

My View: New TriMet leader must provide vision

COMMENT: How about the "vision" includes all around rider security? That's the vision they should be "looking" at. Rode Max for nine years to Portland from Gresham everyday and security has definitely gone to hell.

Pattie Bettencourt 

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