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WIKIPEDIA PHOTO - A wood-burning brick oven.

County smothers wood burning on bad air days

•This story reports on Multnomah County's decision to ban the use of wood stoves during days of atmospheric inversion, when smoke is trapped at the surface and contributes to unhealthy conditions.

COMMENT: TriMet pollutes more than all the wood burning stoves in the county put together.

Larry Cloud

COMMENT: Portland General Electric, Pacific County, and Northwest Natural Gas are loving this.

Russ Bohanon

COMMENT: Before you freak out, last year it only would have taken affect on two or three days. You're exempt if it's your primary heat source. And your neighbor has to turn you in. There are no "wood stove " cops being hired.

Paul Shiprack

COMMENT: Now all they have to do is declare all the days from October to April "bad air quality" days, and BAM! You have a defacto ban on wood burning without voters ever having a voice. Exactly what extreme "greens" and climate change alarmists are hoping for.

Rachel Bjorklund

TRIP takes a bow after cleanup

• This story refers to a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency award received by the Troutdale-Reynolds Industrial Park for its brownfield cleanup.

COMMENT: Yes, as we close down parts of the Troutdale Airport to make room for more industrial use, many of the businesses that have been there for years are going to have to relocate.

Laurie Larson Marshall

COMMENT: My concern for Troutdale and Gresham, is both cities are focusing on large scale industrial parks (aka warehouses and distribution centers.)

Not sure our community wants to be over ran by these industrial parks, which initially always look nice but 10 years from now will be worn and an eyesore.

We need to look at how our cities can become more desirable. Maybe a mini high rise downtown that could attract corporations to relocate.

Could you imagine if Columbia Corp. headquarters moved to the gateway to the gorge.

We need to aim higher, because there is a lot of beauty in our community. Just don't want to see it fade with a bunch of warehouses.

Matt Craven

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