The following comments were taken from The Outlook's Facebook page and website.

FILE PHOTO - The website attacking Gov. Kate Brown.An ad critical of Gov. Kate Brown for her purported nonresponse to failures at the state's day care system was scheduled to debut Sunday, Feb. 11. We posted this story on Friday, Feb. 9.

COMMENT:My kids were born 20-plus years ago, and I was scared to use child care. What's changed now? Still extremely unaffordable and hard to find trustworthy care.

RA Adele

McMenamins: Adopt the Halsey Street plan already

Attorney Steven Abel, who represents McMenamins Edgefield, says an outdated government plan is hindering development along Halsey Street. This story was posted Friday, Feb. 9.

COMMENT: With a good plan and early coordination from Fairview, Wood Village and Troutdale, Halsey could be a really cool strip starting at Fairview Parkway and stretching to Downtown Troutdale. The time to move on this is now before any further development takes place.

Bob Fenske

COMMENT: Please stop building. Just leave it. Keep some memories of the past.

Kimberly Mull Ortiz

COMMENT: Yeah, God forbid we have any streets that allow us to get somewhere fast.

Curtis Smith

Home room: Gresham tenants talk rent reform

This story, posted Friday, Feb. 9, was a discussion regarding rising rents and no-cause evictions.

COMMENT: While I am skeptical about the benefits of rent control (which is a moot point, since the state does not allow it), Gresham City Council really should follow the lead of Milwaukee and Portland in adopting some reasonable protections for tenants in the area of no-cause evictions. Everyone in our community needs a safe place to call home, and when market forces cause people to lose their housing, we should do what we can to help them land on their feet.

Dave Dyk

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