More Letters: Nesbit makes good point regarding NRA funding, Del Val will bridge gap that divides Oregonians.

FILE PHOTO - The memorial honors Scott Collins and Mark Whitehead.I cannot believe it's been 25 years since Scott Collins and Mark Whitehead were killed by that drunk driver. I worked with Scott and his girlfriend for a long time. It was the most horrible night.

When Sgt. Pete Van Dyke came over the television, breaking in to regular programming, you could see the snow out there that night. He didn't mention names, so I called another sergeant I worked with, and he told me to sit down. After getting my head together, I gathered the pictures I had of Scott (I had the only ones in uniform, so the one used today was one of mine) and headed back to work to pass them on for use and to also make sure his girlfriend was all right.

With officers there from the Portland Police Bureau for support, we viewed the wreckage. When we were through, we followed Scott's girlfriend home to make sure she would be alright.

It was one hell of a day because it was my deceased mother's birthday, and it also was the day Sgt. Marda Poyer retired and we had done a luncheon at the Acapulco, one Scott's favorite places to unwind after hours on weekends with our group.

It was an all around horrible day, losing one of our own.

Not the first time and not the last either.

I got a chance to help Scott's parents through their loss, with stories and pictures to share. Collie, his dad, was beside himself, as was sister Dawn and mom.

Scott had never shared my photo of him with his parents.

We had worked a couple of sheriff's auctions together so that's how I was able to take the photo of our "shy guy." I was the one always taking photos around that place for years.

Ironically, the obituary for the man who was driving drunk never seemed to reach the newspapers. That was a good thing, because there were a lot of angry people.

May Scott and Mark rest in peace … taken too soon.

Alyson Huntting


EDITOR'S NOTE: The letter by Alyson Huntting refers to the front page story in the March 6 edition of The Outlook, looking back at the 25th anniversary of the deaths of Scott Collins and Mark Whitehead, killed in the line of duty by a drunk driver. Collins was a volunteer with the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, and Whitehead was a reserve deputy.

Del Val will bridge gap that divides Oregonians

Political uncertainty is running rampant throughout our government, creating fear instead of hope, and driving a wedge between citizens of the United States.

Rather than expand the divide, we must focus on bridging the gap between us.

Here, in the beautiful state of Oregon, the people's voice is echoed from Trillium Lake up to the Columbia River Gorge, and someone is listening. Aurora Del Val, hopeful candidate for House District 52, has heard what the people need and has the drive to fight for us. For 20 years, Aurora was an educator, so it is no surprise that she is an advocate for well-funded schools. Aurora understands that education gives people the tools to manifest a brighter future.

As a student myself, this is refreshing to hear. Aurora is also a proponent of affordable health care for all Oregonians, young or old, and like many of us, believes that the current system is broken.

Hailing from Cascade Locks, she understands the unique struggles that families in rural areas face.

From agricultural sustainability to water security, Aurora's commitment to these families is echoed in her every move. Let us show our commitment to each other by supporting Aurora Del Val for state representative.

Richard Dzib


Nesbit makes good point regarding NRA funding

I really liked Sharon Nesbit's column about not voting for candidates who accepted NRA contributions as a way to get stronger gun laws. It's a great way to break the strangle-hold the NRA has over the politicians.

I too have no desire to own a gun and don't object to hunters. I just want our kids to be safe at school. My question is how do you find the information on who is accepting NRA contributions?

Becky Fletcher


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