More Letters: Lawmakers disregard will of Oregon voters, Bakers were in the wrong business.

FILE PHOTO - The Sweet Cakes bakers.EDITOR'S NOTE: The next three letters were posted to a story appearing on The Outlook's Facebook page, "Sweet Cakes lawyers appeal to Oregon Supreme Court."

Let the free market sort this out

A 20-year-old Oregon man is suing two businesses because they "discriminate" against customers under the age of 21 by refusing to sell him a gun, which he is legally permitted to own.

What right does he have to force these businesses to sell him a product against the owners' consciences? This is the mess you create when you give government the unconstitutional power to tell business owners what they must sell to whom, and under what conditions.

As customers, we have the right to discriminate against businesses that don't share our values. The market is more than capable of making business owners feel the pain of offending their customers.

Sweet Cakes was driven out of (their storefront business) by boycotts. We don't need government coercion, fines and penalties to punish business owners we disagree with.

Freedom of association should be based on the First Amendment conscience rights of business owners and customers to do business with one another according to their convictions, not based on whether their beliefs align with the personal political leanings of politicians and bureaucrats like the Oregon Labor Commissioner.

Rachel Bjorklund

Christianity at its very worst

Where does this end? Cake is food done pretty, not art for the wall.

I owned a catering business for years and did beautiful food displays, so is that art and I should have been able to discriminate? I also had a bridal shop and, yes, men came in to buy dresses.

These people really, really irritate me. When you have a retail business your religious beliefs do not and should not allow you to discriminate. That's for your personal life. If we allow this nonsense, the next thing it will be interracial marriage, a person's race, my religion doesn't believe in their religion — basically an excuse to make whomever they don't think is worthy an outcast. (This is) Christianity at it's very worst.

Gini Farr Kraemer

Bakers were in the wrong business

If you don't like same sex marriage, don't marry someone of the same sex. You're in a business that largely caters to the wedding industry.

Get over it, or don't have that type of business.

Kallie Caito

Lawmakers disregard will of Oregon voters

The 2018 Oregon Legislature just codified what Department of Motor Vehicles administrative rules put into action despite and in utter disregard of a vote by the people of Oregon in Measure 88 in 2014 and defeated by a 66 percent vote. The Measure gave driver cards, permits and licenses to undocumented aliens.

The Real ID bill was passed in 2017 to meet the federal requirements of the Department of Human Services for requirements for air travel.

This legislative session, HB4111 was submitted to meet funding requirements that surfaced over the implementation of the Real ID bill. Subsequently, HB4111 was highjacked with an amendment that makes the progressive pro-sanctuary policy DMV administrative rules part of the Oregon Revised Statutes. This amended bill passed the Legislature through contorted means, but ended up passing.

The amendment to the bill stipulated that DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and TPS (Temporary Protected Status) enrollees did not have to prove legal presence and that their documentation could NOT be verified by DMV.

The documentation and ID were exempted from verification while Americans have to have a certified birth certificate. Americans are not allowed to get short-term licenses. DACA and TPS only have to present an unverified work authorization document, a document you can apply for and print online.

Janice Dysinger


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