More Letters: Why the double standard by the Legislature, Why is it corporate America's fault??

FILE PHOTO - A wall of shotguns and rifles.My Outlook printed an op-ed by Rev. Chuck Currie of Pacific University.

In it, he intended to outline the great work of the greatest moral teacher of our time, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Unfortunately, Currie's message got buried by a gross untruth he threw in for effect: "The gun is an epidemic that takes schoolchildren in classrooms..."

That is a bald-faced lie, totally unsupported by empirical data. Here is a progressive article which refutes it:

I place blame for the REAL crisis, increased violence in the society overall, on the progressive clerics like Currie, who tolerate violence in entertainment, destruction of the traditional family and hundreds of deaths per day by abortions.

These societal changes have occurred on these progressive pastors' watch, they were unknown 30 years ago in a more heavily armed society than we have today. Matthew 22:21, Reverend. More piety, less temporal governance, please.

George Schneider


Why the double standard?

The 2018 Oregon Legislature just codified what DMV administrative rules put into action despite and in utter disregard of a vote by the people of Oregon on Measure 88 in 2014, which was defeated by 66 percent of the vote. The measure gave driver cards, permits and licenses to illegal aliens.

The Real ID bill was passed in 2017 to meet the federal requirements of the DHS for requirements for air travel. This legislative session, HB4111 was submitted to meet funding requirements that surfaced over the implementation of the Real ID bill. Subsequently, HB4111 was hijacked with an amendment that makes the progressive pro-sanctuary policy DMV administrative rules part of the Oregon Revised Statutes.

The amendment to the bill stipulated that DACA and TPS enrollees did not have to prove legal presence and that their documentation could not be verified by DMV. The documentation and ID were completely exempted from verification while Americans have to have a certified birth certificate. Americans are not allowed to get short-term licenses. DACA and TPS only have to present an unverified work authorization document.

Janice Dysinger


Why is it corporate America's fault?

I'm constantly amazed at Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and the Portland City Council. I read that they want to sue pharmaceutical companies for the deaths of citizens due to opioid overdose, which is little different than car manufacturers being sued for drunken drivers.

What this is another attempt by our "liberal and progressive" politicians to shift personal responsibility for the use of a substance onto the pharmaceutical manufacturers who have no control over who uses their products irresponsibly. No manufacturer can control the end use of any product, and to attempt to hold a company responsible seems ludicrous. But that seems to be in the "playbook" of our politicians here in Portland. Don't hold a citizen responsible for their behavior; always blame society or a company.

I hope somebody realizes that this has been tried before with vehicles and the Supreme Court has determined that a company is not responsible for the clear misuse of a product; the individual is responsible for their own behavior. I'm sure that any suit will be unsuccessful, and Wheeler and the City Council will have wasted millions of dollars for a frivolous suit, and once again the taxpayers will suffer for their lack of logical and rational thought.

Well, not my problem, you people that voted in those delusional politicians will be the ones paying the bill.

Eric Blatter


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