The following comments were posted on The Outlook's Facebook page and website recently.

FILE PHOTO - Todd Kirnan poses for a photo with Gresham Mayor Shane Bemis.

I see Todd all over Gresham. I first met him when I was eating lunch at Standing Room Only Sports Bar. He's a very nice person.

Patrick Heinze

I love Todd. He was one of the very first people we met when we moved to Gresham 25 years ago. We've done volunteer work together. My husband and I took him to see Chicago when they came to Clark County Fairgrounds (his memory so good, he'll know who I am from that comment). He's such a delightful person. Glad to see him getting great community recognition. Todd rocks!

Beth Eden-Maguire

Todd Kirnan is one of the few people in this world (who) brings smiles to everyone he meets. We love seeing him in downtown, always say "hi" and a wave.

Leo Call

When I worked at a shop in Downtown Gresham, he would come in on errands from other places in the area. He was wonderful to have around. Such a wonderful light.

Molly Wirth

Does he have clones? Not sure how he is in so many places at once.

Elise Harding Bates

The world needs more "Todd's." It would be a much more civilized, peaceful, loving world. We can all learn from this man.

Debra Weichlein

Such an awesome guy. The world needs more Todd's.

Sara Miller

Todd, you are a light in this world. I'm proud of you.

Tricia Abbas

Awesome. If you are from Gresham, you know who Todd is. He is well-known.

Deanna Crichton

We always see him everywhere and he is always on a mission with a smile on his face. We wondered what he was doing and who he was. What an awesome person and wonderful story. Thanks for sharing his story.

Diane Kovach

Awesome. Todd has put his time in G-Town. We met in the mid '80s (skateboard) days.

Cy Nelson

I see Todd everywhere in Gresham, every time I'm out, and see him, I wave.

Larry Cloud

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