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Letter writer Jennifer O'Donnell of Corbett says she enjoys reading Sharon's Nesbit's column in The Outlook.

Sharon Nesbit's Friday column is the reason I have had The Outlook delivered to my Corbett post office box the last 18 years. Thank you to her for every column. I am my mother's daughter, so I cut out Sharon's writing and send it off to whomever might appreciate it or who I think needs to read it.

My friend in Portland, who loves cats almost too much, is the recipient of all columns involving even a slight mention of a cat. Another friend who has since sold her old RV received several columns about Maude and her escapades.

Sharon's reprint from 1988, a few months back, about Whale-Aid in Hawaii and bringing it home to Oregon with the passage of the Scenic Act was passed along to many Corbett friends.

"We will be obliged to share and care for our particular piece of paradise and the responsibility of that will be ours alone."

At that time, many of us were up to our ears trying to keep up with attending community meetings and lend our voice to the many stakeholders, each with their separate agenda, looking for solutions in how to manage the masses coming to the place we call home.

Thank you, Sharon, for all your thoughtful writing about the Eagle Creek Fire. Friday's piece about the Bridal Veil block party was excellent in capturing a perspective that often gets forgotten amidst the efforts to draw dollars to our beautiful state.

I, too, was silently grateful about the interrupted opening of the stretch of scenic highway. I want the forest to get a respite from the hoards and I want the people who live here to enjoy a little more quiet amidst the trees.

A visit to the Gorge too often becomes only a selfie and a place to leave one's litter. As tourists traipse through my garden, photograph themselves in front of my home, and knock on my door and ask to use the bathroom, I work hard to remember that I don't have exclusive rights to this place.

I just want every visitor here to love what I love. Because when you love something deeply, you take care of it. When so much of our world is falling apart, this precious place is our chance to hold on to something special. I am so grateful to Sharon for reminding readers of that on a regular basis.

Jennifer O'Donnell


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