Letter writer Justin Traver defends QAnon as the counterpoint to evil in America.

QAnon is an uncensorable platform from the U.S. military and the president of the United States that directly alerts the public about embedded global evils and QTeam operations to eradicate these evils, thus draining the swamp and bringing truth, love, justice and hope to the U.S. and the world.

Doesn't this sound like a practical answer to the Lord's Prayer?

Now the entire maintstream media tries to discredit Q. Why? Because it's a threat to expose them?

If something is so fake, why the need to oppose it simultaneously and so strongly? Why does Q use scriptures to encourage us to pray in this fight? Because we are in a spiritual, info, cyber and kinetic war. Really.

Due to the good use of NSA technology ... epic justice is coming, a great awakening is happening. Be ready for changes, mass arrests and confused public.

The crimes: corruption, treason, pedophilia, child trafficking, money laundering. The proofs are undeniable.

Justin Traver


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