Guest columnist Ted Kotsakis, a former Fairview city councilor, supports Brian Cooper for Fairview mayor.

I would like to address the contemptable way in which Ted Tosterud is trying to discredit Brian Cooper with his recent mass mailing.

Tosterud stated he voted against the "punitive red-light cameras." If you think about that statement he believes upholding the law and issuing citations to people who break the law is punitive. I ask, should we not hold people accountable for breaking the law? It appears Mr. Tosterud doesn't.

TED KOTSAKISSince the removal of the red-light cameras, incidents at this intersection have increased. Is this who we want for mayor?

Mr. Tosterud, in his position as mayor, pushed through contracting with the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office for public safety and disbanding our own police force. He stated this would increase public safety and save money. He failed to share that in a few years the cost would be more than having our own police force. Our local police were one of the few departments certified in the area. Since removing the Fairview force I seldom see a police presence in Fairview. Fairview citizens can no longer go to City Hall to speak to a patrol officer and crime has increased. Not a good deal.

On the marijuana issue, Cooper voted the way the majority of the citizens in Fairview voted on Measure 91 to legalize marijuana. While I personally voted against it, I respect Brian's right to represent the majority of Fairview's citizens.

Tosterud, as mayor, pushed through incentives that gave tax and permit breaks for developers. These developers reaped the benefits while the city will be inundated by all the associated costs. A huge apartment complex is being built that will generate little income for the city but increase the demands on infrastructure and policing. These incentives do not benefit the citizens of Fairview and most definitely decrease the livability for our community. Now Tosterud is recommending constructing a four-story apartment building that will be an eyesore in Fairview Village and add to the congestion and limited parking. Again, not a good deal for Fairview. Cooper was right not to support these projects.

I also want to address the censures of Cooper by the City Council. Cooper voiced his intention to run for mayor well over three years ago. Tosterud was aware of this. Tosterud had control of the council agenda to put the censures on the agenda. I know what this looks like to me. I ask you to be the judge on this.

If you want to know where a large amount of Tosterud's money is coming from to support his campaign check out the Oregon's website on candidate funding. You will see developers are the major contributor.

It's time to break up the tight little clique in the council that votes as a block for outside interests. Electing Brian Cooper for mayor and Edward Jones and Darren Riordan for council seats will be votes to represent the best interests of the citizens of Fairview.

Ted Kotsakis is a former Fairview City Councilor who was elected in 2014 and resigned midterm in 2015.

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