Former Fairview City Councilor Steve Owen speaks out against incumbent Mayor Ted Tosterud, and recommends a vote for challenger Brian Cooper.

Brian CooperAs a former Fairview city councilor who has served the community for 17 years, I feel uniquely qualified to speak about the direction Fairview is going.

I resigned from a positon I loved when it became inevitable that Mayor Ted Tosterud intended on appointing Ed Bejarana to a position on the City Council.

Bejarana represented a new level of toxicity injected into council and a near single-minded drive to break open the Fairview treasury for the developer class in Fairview.

Shortly after my resignation, City Administrator Samantha Nelson and Fairview Police Chief Ken Johnson also resigned. What followed for the next three years was worse than I had expected.

Fairview is hurting after four years of leadership under Mayor Tosterud. The livability of the Fairview community has been irreparably harmed. Out of all the ugly things we've read in the paper, the business incentive program stands out as the most egregious example of fiscal mismanagement.

Over the next year, Fairview is slated to give away more than $4 million in city revenue to just a handful of developers. This is money that goes directly toward keeping our sewer, water, stormwater and parks upgraded to handle increased demand.

It should shock most people that only two developers will get the lion share of the $4 million to put in massive apartment complexes. Many of the developers who have benefited from these policies provided financial support to Mayor Ted Tosterud's campaign. It only takes a few minutes to research political donors to the Tosterud campaign.

Fairview is changing fast and the Fairview Citizens are left holding the bill.

Fairview needs a change. We need people who work tirelessly in the community and not just lord over it from council chambers.

Please support Brian Cooper for mayor, Darren Riordan and Edward Jones for City Council. Reject negative campaigning. Say yes to the Fairview community we all love.

Steve Owen, Fairview

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