Michael Patrick of Gresham appreciates the humble approach taken by Gresham City Council candidate Ryan Johnson.

Ryan JohnsonWe can be better in Gresham! Refraining from pointing out the negatives of candidates we desire to focus on the positives. It is a great thing that there are multiple candidates running for Council Position 4.

However, at the end of the day we all have the right to express our preference without others expressing suspicious, un-collaborated opinions.

We are proud to have known Ryan Johnson for more than 10 years, both socially and professionally, and during those years many times he expressed his desire to someday un for office. He shared that he needed to learn more about how government works before doing so and told us of what he was doing to accomplish that goal — working long and hard. There is neither hidden agenda nor someone else pulling the strings, but simply a man who wants to serve his community.

One of the many things he did was to join the Leadership Academy at the Gresham Area of Commerce (we were classmates.) We all grew as a result of that experience and Ryan was one of the stars, gleaning from each seminar how to be a better community member, how the processes of state and local government work, how business, government and nonprofits can work in unison to make our entire community better.

However, the real reason you should vote for Ryan is what cannot be documented on a resume or expressed in an eloquent speech — his humility. Just recently I learned of how he helped a family that was living in a vehicle, and how he helped rebuild the Little League field on his own time.

I heard these stories from others, not from him. It is not his nature to be boastful or arrogant, but to know him is know his sincerity. That sincerity will serve our community well. That's why I am are voting for Ryan Johnson, District 4.

Michael Patrick, Gresham

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