Letter writer Alyson Huntting recommends a vote for Shane Bemis, Kirk French and Ryan Johnson.

We are in the final stretch of what seems like a long campaign session and the most important item to remember is to vote for what is best for Gresham, to keep it growing in the right direction.

We have many candidates, but we also have some outstanding ones who care about our future and want to be a part of that.

Our current mayor has brought prosperity and growth to our slice of small town ambiance with a zest for life, and I would like to see that continue.

There is also the hard working incumbent, City Councilor Kirk French, who works tirelessly and strives to keep it going for the rest of us.

And we have the newcomer, Ryan Johnson, who is running for Position 4, who has the passion and drive to get involved, learn along the way and add new ideas to the mix. Let's continue to keep Gresham great.

Alyson Huntting, Gresham

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