Letter writer Jonathan Netherton of Gresham asks that Oregonians show compassion to immigrants by voting 'no' on Ballot Measure 105.

I implore my fellow Oregonians to vote no one Measure 105. This nation was founded as a nation of immigrants, a place for the tired poor of the ossified old world and now of the cartel-embattled new world to breathe free.

The Bureau of the Census is older than the U.S., and it counts heads because the founders knew that to do so would create a method for the reins of power to arbitrarily and artificially exclude demographics from representation.

The romantic notion given in "Birth of a Nation" (a 1915 silent film that portrayed the Ku Klux Klan as heroic) that this is some white city on a hill and this brown infection is coming to leech off of us, contaminating our purity with crime and evil, is comedic.

They're people.

They come here with all the flaws and strengths of people, and you would run too if some buchon and his sicarios were harassing you and shooting up the city and levantones are occuring left and right because the central government is losing a war against a mafia network.

They pay taxes, they shop, they work hard, they are members of our communities, and they come here despite knowing the harassment they will receive. How bad must what they left have been that what nativists put them through here is better?

Their crimes are largely crimes of poverty and addiction alienation. Those are fairly universal among humankind and have easy solutions we already know, and they don't involve secret police running people down to haul to prisons and concentration camps at the border.

Besides, we spend all of our money on white elephant projects for upper class cyclists in the valley; enormous giveaways to businesses that hold our economy hostage by threatening to run away if we don't give them free land, free passes on civilization dues, and other goodies for waving their magic jobs wand; and housing inmates by the thousands because neither party in this state is willing to break the lucrative slave prison labor industry by retroactively pardoning inmates incarcerated for nonviolent drug offenses for now legal drugs.

Where are we going to find more money to pay local forces to do the jobs of federal officials we are already paying for anyways?

It is not our responsibility to pay our forces to do other people's jobs, and it is not our obligation to force our law enforcement officers to act outside their jurisdiction.

The only thing closing the "golden door" is good for is as a gesture to nativists yearning to punish people for the same sin that birthed this nation in the first place.

To vote yes on 105 is to turn our backs on our community members; to turn our backs on human suffering; and to abandon the principles set forth on that fateful July night 242 years ago.

Jonathan Netherton, Gresham

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