Letter writer Paul Wilcox of Troutdale laments the town's voter turnout for city council elections.

Paul WilcoxMy response to the election results for Troutdale City Council Position 5 can be summed up in three words: surprise, disappointment and relief.

The surprise was that voters would choose candidates with no prior experience or involvement in city government, and who had essentially failed to state where they stood on anything substantial.

My disappointment, other than losing of course, was that voter turnout was barely 50 percent for Council Position 5, much less of course for unopposed candidates, which I can understand.

That is a pathetic showing for a country that is supposedly a representative democracy. So, whoever won was only supported by about 1-in-5 eligible voters.

There were 1,700 ballots (24.7 percent) returned on which no candidate was selected for Position 5. As far as the choice of candidates went, based on the information provided, if I had not been running I would have written-in Sharon Nesbit's cat! (That's an insider reference to loyal readers of Sharon's Outlook column.)

The relief is that now I have absolutely no commitments, and can stop participating and walk away at any time.

I also want to correct the report that I've been attending council meetings for the last 12 years. I began attending on a consistent basis early in 2014 — although it feels longer.

Paul Wilcox


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