Gresham City Council candidate Dina DiNucci calls on the community to work together in solving problems.

   - DINA DINUCCII spend my days engaging in conversations with others. I have no idea what political party they belong to, nor how they feel on a matter of national issues.

What I do know is our neighbors' greatest concerns are whether their business will survive, whether their housing will remain stable, and how they will get through the turmoil within our own small town. These local issues that must be our first priority.

While we are all focused on big important national issues, I encourage my neighbors and our city government to think about some small important issues — and act locally first. Our first focus must be on how we, as a community, can support one another to save our local economy and assist residents who are being hit hard by this pandemic. I encourage our city government to build a strategy and a call to action for our citizens to pull together for the good of Gresham. I encourage our citizens to heed that call, and understand that if we want to maintain our beautiful city of Gresham it can only happen by working together.

Our local businesses have struggled to hold on through the pandemic and the wildfires. Let's look at how we can call upon our citizens to support ALL of our Gresham small businesses. Our call to residents must be loud and clear and state that we all must work together to keep Gresham thriving.

We have had higher rates of Covid in our zip codes than most areas of Oregon, and have lost residents to this horrible illness. What can we do as a community to support one another and assure we are doing the best we can for our families and friends through this difficult time?

I call upon our city to open lines of communication with our residents who are facing the end of an eviction moratorium to provide guidance, educational tools or survival plans to navigate the looming challenges. We cannot wait until they are on the streets.

We are all humans who are living in such uncertain times. We have principles and beliefs that drive so much of what we do. One thing I do know is we all share in one common belief. We all hope for a city where we can walk down the streets and see our small businesses open and thriving. We all want a city where our neighbors are not facing eviction or living on the streets. With all of the fights for power, there is one powerful fight we can all win. We can collectively strengthen our Gresham economy with the dedication of all of us.

Dina DiNucci is a Gresham resident, candidate for Gresham City Council, and a COVID-19 case investigator for Multnomah County.

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