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Topics in these letters include: Walt Trandum for House District 51; disappointment with Cathy Keathley; support of Tina Kotek, Raz Mason, Darcy Long.

Takes big money out of politics

Our politics are now being used against us. Decent Americans that just happen to see some things differently are being turned against one another. We are being played. There is divisive fear and hate in the Kool-Aid a lot of us have been drinking, both the blue and the red kind. Keeping us divided effectively is keeping us powerless, for without the ability to trust those on the "other side" there can be no consensus on anything.

Without the ability to achieve consensus, we as a nation have no collective political will. We are helpless sitting ducks. Powerful private interests can do whatever they want to us and we can't do anything about it.

Nothing is going to get better, no matter who gets elected, unless we can get private outside money out of our politics. Only by ending the practice of allowing private money to finance the campaigns of our elected officials, will politics begin to serve our needs.

If we can put our differences aside at this moment and use our votes to resolve this one issue, we can restore faith in our ability to pull together as American's and start solving problems.

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Walt Trandum, Democrat, Candidate for House District 51

Elect my dad! Walt Trandum

Walt Trandum is the most selfless and inspiring person I know, and is running to be your State Representative.

He is also my Dad and I'd like to tell you a bit about who he is. He shows kindness to people and animals always. He's been a caretaker all of his life and does what he can to make life better for those around him. His career is caring for the mentally and physically disabled and he does it with skill, joy and humor. He lovingly cared for his parents and mother in-law while they went through hospice and is an incredible Grandfather.

He works to make the change he wants to see in the world, rather than sit back and hope someone else does.

He taught me that even if someone treats you rudely, you never know what they are going through, and to not pass judgment. I've even known him to literally give a homeless man the coat off his back. With both his willingness to listen and his drive to make the world a better place I can't imagine a more dedicated public servant. House District 51 would be lucky to have him. I know I am.

Tracy Triplett, Sandy

Elect candidates who care about climate

The 2017 Eagle Creek Fire lasted three months and caused an evacuation here and destroyed 50,000 acres, including forests and property. It cost $40 million. The 2020 Riverside Fire lasted three months and caused an evacuation nearby and destroyed more than 138,000 acres, including 139 structures. It cost $150 million.

Air quality here then was the worst in the world. I watched as the recent Nakia Creek Fire started , then blew up, and air quality was, again, the worst in the world.

In 2020 Oregon wildfires killed 11 people and destroyed 4,009 homes and 1.2 million acres, costing $354 million.

The climate and extinction crises are changing our region; it is hotter, drier and more vulnerable to drought and wildfires, threatening our safety, health, quality of life, and future.

Responding to climate catastrophes costs more than preventing them.

Our economy, food supply, health care, and social justice, including immigration, can worsen because of global warming.

I want to protect the Oregon we love and I want the change we need for my family and future generations. I want leaders who are acting on global warming, such as climate champion Tina Kotek with a 95% voting record for climate issues; Raz Mason, dedicated leader in environmental education; and Darcy Long, committed to climate action.

We need them, not climate deniers. Please join me in voting for Tina Kotek, Raz Mason and Darcy Long.

Lori Hood, Corbett

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