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Barlow graduate Melissa Mickelson's self-titled album will be released

One night when Boring resident and country singer Melissa Mickelson was on stage, a fan in the audience got a little too excited.

“There was one lady who was dancing wildly and with one of her arms hit my microphone, which hit me in the mouth and busted my lip open,” Mickelson says. “It was in the middle of a song, and so I just kept singing with a bloody lip! The show must go on.”

It’s that kind of dedication that recently garnered Mickelson a record deal with Silverado Records, an independent music label based in Nashville.CONTRIBUTED PHOTO  - Melissa Mickelson likes to stir in a little rock 'n' roll into her country music stew.

“Melissa is an incredibly fun and energetic personality, and we’ve really enjoyed getting to know her,” says Silverado Records executive Aaron Chesling. “We can’t wait to share with you some new music she’s been working on, and letting her amazing personality bubble through the music,” he adds.

The label will be re-releasing Mickelson’s 2015 self-titled extended play recording (EP), which includes her take on the Barbara Mandrell classic, “I Was Country (When Country Wasn’t Cool).” Mickelson is also writing tracks for a new EP to be released in 2017.

“Silverado is all about country music, and they were OK with me being me, and not wanting to change that, which was important to me in considering a music home,” Mickelson says.

Round the record player

A self-described Air Force “brat,” Mickelson grew up bouncing between Oklahoma and Texas before moving to Gresham when she was in eighth grade. She attended Gordon Russell Middle School, and graduated from Barlow High in 2002. Her childhood and teen years were spent learning the roots of the music she now sings.

“My dad was a huge country music fan, and I remember sitting listening to a record player that seemed to always be spinning Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, The Eagles, Elton John and Randy Travis,” she says. “I didn’t have normal lullabies, I went to sleep listening to ‘The Ring of Fire.’”

Although she loves the oldies, Mickelson considers herself a modern country singer.

“Country music changes and evolves,” she says. “If it didn’t, we’d still be listening to the suit-and-tie era Willie Nelson, and would have never had the ‘Red Headed Stranger.’”

More importantly, she believes adding some contemporary twists reflects her own personality.

“I really think that my music needs to be a direct reflection of me,” she says. “I would love to see it include a traditional sound with a rock ‘n’ roll twist. I love having a good time rocking out at my shows, but I also love traditional country music.”

Speaking of which, regardless of what she sings, she wants to be treated like a lady, and wrote “Another Thing Comin’.” A mid-tempo boot-scootin’ honky-tonk number inspired by a girls night out gone wrong.”

I went out to do karaoke with a girlfriend and there happened to be some guys who wouldn’t just let us have a good time,” she says. “They just were constantly trying to get up in our ‘karaoke game’ and just pestered us all night and wouldn’t take a hike. I came home really mad and started putting together ‘Another Thing Comin.’”

Although she dabbles in guitar, voice is her main instrument, and she plans on continuing to share it with audiences in clubs as well as the record-listening public. Among her upcoming shows is a 9 p.m. gig Friday, Oct. 21, at Bushwhackers, 8200 S.W. Tonka St., Tualatin.

“Oregon may not be known for it but it has a great country music fan base, and it also has an up and coming country music scene,” Mickelson says.

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