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Brought to you by Greg Rosen-Gresham Outlook- Real Estate business INSIDER-

COURTESY PHOTO - Brought to you by Greg Rosen-Gresham Outlook- Real Estate business INSIDER- We are near a record low inventory again. This is great for sellers, they get record prices for their homes, but for buyers this is not a good thing.  With Interest rates near 4 percent and the medium income about $63,000, this almost prices every first time buyer out of the market. 

Listings are the name of the game in these times. This being the reality today I've been exploring a few different marketing options.

I was talking with a client that's in charge of marketing for a Fortune 500 company, and she asked, do you ever do any Niche marketing? Niche marketing is focusing on a very specific small market, and working it until you are THE GUY everybody calls when they're ready to sell.

This is the exact moment things got very strange. She said you should consider specializing in the Gnome community, not knowing what a Gnome community is I had to ask, she said they lived in a community that keeps gnomes on their front porch as an indicator.

What kind of an indicator, an inquiring mind might ask? Swingers, you got Gnomes you're open to swinging. I laughed and said "I'll run it by my wife for fun to see what she thinks."

That night I was talking about it with my wife with the most serious voice I could and trying not to laugh at the same time.

I learned something new that night. My wife has always told me she would support me in anything I do. Apparently, there must be limits on that statement, because she made it very clear that this isn't going to happen, and; she really thinks I should go a different direction.

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