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It's no fun to be stuck in a hot car far away from services. Here are some essentials you should have in your car for the hot Summer months.

Not only does a full water bottle quench your thirst, but you can use to water to rinse off sticky hands or pour it on your toasty self to cool off.

How many pairs of sunglasses have you lost? It's a good idea to keep a pair in the car and a pair to wear around in. Squinting and driving do not mix.

You can't charge your phone without your phone charger. You can't call for help if your phone isn't charged. Keep a charger in the car. Do not use your phone while you are driving.

You never know when your battery might die. Lots of folks don't keep cables in their cars so they can't help you. Keep some in the car, then you can be the Good Samaritan by offering your cables to help.

It is hard to see in the dark. We drive in the dark and if something happens, we need to see. Keep a working flashlight and batteries in your car

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