This article brought to you courtesy of Nate Boyd, of The Gym, News-Times Insider Fitness Expert.

Nate Boyd

Halloween is coming and it's the season for spooky, creepy, fearful and dire things. In windows, in the yard and in stores. But not on your body.

Spooky is the word for how you puff and pant going up the stairs. Yes, folks, it's spooky to have a heart attack so young. Get to The Gym and work on that cardio! Nate and his crew are experts and will help you get your wind back.

Creepy is what that roll is, blobbing out over your jeans. No suspenders needed for you. Get to The Gym and let your trainer prescribe some ab work!

Fearful is the jiggle when you make a sudden move. Don't turn so quickly. Make sure no one is near when the booty bounces. Get to The Gym and work on those glutes. Weights, a Step with Denise or Body Pump with Sherri class is called for here!

Dire is the diagnosis for obesity, diabetes, heart trouble, even Alzheimer's. This is what awaits those who let the fitness go. Exercise lowers blood glucose levels and boosts sensitivity to insulin. Bye bye diabetes! Exercise reduces weight, increases heart muscle strength and keeps blood vessels flexible, ensuring blood flow and normal blood pressure. Heart Trouble, be gone! Studies show that regular exercise can reduce the risk of developing dementia by about 30%. Keep your cognitive faculties!

Now you know why out of shape is scary. Don't wait, call The Gym and start to get in shape today.

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