This article brought to you courtesy of Nate Boyd, of The Gym, News-Times Insider Fitness Expert.

Nate Boyd

Dear Nate,

How do I stay fit and lean this holiday season? My mom makes great eggnog and fruitcake and I will be at her house away from the Gym. We watch Hallmark Christmas movies and eat cookies every day. Help me, Nate!

Signed, Unjolly Holly

Dear Holly,

I hear you, the holidays are tough! Follow my tips below for a fun holiday, not a fitness disaster.

Move around. Even if you are away from The Gym, you can do squats during the game or lift weight while watching that Hallmark Movie or The Grinch. Also plan a post meal walk with the fam. You will all feel better.

Hydrate. Sometimes we mistake hunger for thirst. Drink a glass of water before meals and especially before having seconds. You will be too full to eat any more.

Wear formfitting clothes. No elastic waists. If you feel your stomach fall over the top of your waistband you know it is time to stop eating.

Beware of alcohol. You will need something in your stomach if you drink to act as a buffer. Have some nuts before a libation and drink a glass of water between drinks to slow you down.

Indulge for the day, not the whole season. Life isn't worth living without special times, just remember to get back on the fitness bandwagon right away.

We can help you meet your fitness goals at The Gym, Holly, and have yourself a merry fitness.



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