This article brought to you courtesy of Darcey Edwards of Edwards Realty Trust, News-Times Insider Real Estate Expert.

Darcey Edwards

You may have heard some of these common real estate myths:

You don't need a real estate agent. We talked about that last month. You do.

Never offer full price. In this market you must.

Don't buy a home in the winter. Darcey Edwards who says, "Some of my busiest months have been in December," will explain why this is a myth.

The best time to buy is now. Why? Many buyers wait until spring or summer and there will be a glut of buyers who are competing for the same inventory. Wintertime buying knocks out a large bunch of buyers who are waiting for warm weather, but your chances of successfully buying a home is greater in the cold weather months.

A truly serious seller will list their home in the winter, giving buyers the upper hand. A motivated seller is easier to work with.

You can see if there are issues with the home like a furnace that can't heat the home or flooding in the basement. You will be able to see if you can get up the driveway or if the roads will be cleared by the city.

It is easier to hire movers as they aren't busy as in the spring or summer.

Your sale will close faster. No backlog at the mortgage broker. And "…rates are still great," according to Darcey.

You can believe Darcey when she says, "It is really still a great time to buy and sell."

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