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Hillsboro’s new baseball stadium is getting a much more impressive work of public art than previously expected, thanks to the generosity of the artist and the co-owners of the Hillsboro CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: CITY OF HILLSBORO - The 'Barometer' sculpture at the new baseball stadium by Devin Lawrence Field is inspired by the game diamond and will light up as noise increases.

The city has chosen noted Northwest sculpture Devin Lawrence Field to create a 15-foot-tall sculpture called “Barometer.” It takes the form of a baseball diamond held aloft by columns and illuminated with color-changing, sound-activated LED lights. They will respond to various instruments around the sculpture people can play during games.

Field, who lives near the stadium, is waiving his artist fee and putting the money back into materials for the sculpture, which was originally budgeted at $50,000.

“I live off Cornelius Pass (Road), so this artwork will be in my neighborhood,” said Field. “This is a place I would come with my family, and I want the artwork to be something I feel proud of, not just a job I did to make money, and I am doing the most I can to make it special.”

Team owners Laura and Mike McMurray were so excited about Field’s generosity that they donated $10,000 toward the costs of the LED lights, raising the budget to $60,000. The gift was made on behalf of the Hillsboro Hops.

“We were so impressed by Devin’s donation of his artist fee and also with such a spectacular design that we wanted every component he envisioned to be included,” said Laura McMurray.

The $15.2 million stadium is scheduled to be finished in the Gordon Faber Recreational Complex along the Sunset Highway in time for the Hops’ first home game on June 17.

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