Jacquelyn Ljungqvist says she and her family cannot live in fear. Even though she has been repeatedly thrown from horses, she allows her daughter to ride. And even though her husband Lars was killed while flying a plane, she has encouraged her son, also named Lars, to follow his dreams and fly.

On Monday afternoon, Jacquelyn’s son escaped injury when the plane he was piloting crashed during an aborted takeoff at the Twin Oaks Airport in Hillsboro. The younger Lars, 26, called her immediately after the accident to say he was all right.

“I know it wasn’t his fault. He’s a very good pilot, far more cautious than my husband was. I’m sure he’ll fly again soon,” the Gaston woman said. “I’ve flown with him on numerous occasions.”

Jacquelyn’s husband was flying by himself in 1998 and doing low-level stunts when the engine died near Toledo, Wash. Friends say he got the plane restarted and was recovering, but failed to clear the tallest tree in a grove in his path.

Monday, Jacquelyn’s son — also a Gaston resident — was taking off with an instructor in an unfamiliar airplane when a door came ajar. They decided to abort the takeoff, but the plane, a 1965 Piper Aztec, slid off the end of the runway and plowed into a field. It was declared a total loss because of engine, fuselage and wing damage.

Although her son is licensed to fly a single-engine airplane, the Piper is a twin engine. Jacquelyn said Lars Jr. has complete faith in his instructor, Kathleen Mikitka of Hillsboro, who was on board with him. Mikitka also was unhurt in the mishap.

Jacquelyn added that she didn’t panic when her son called about the accident. After all, she said, he was on the phone with her. Mostly, she is sad about the loss of the older, six-passenger airplane, which she said was very beautiful and well-maintained.

According to Washington County Sheriff’s Office officials, the accident happened around 4 p.m. Monday at the private airport at 12405 S.W. River Road.

The Federal Aviation Administration responded and is continuing to investigate.

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