A line of historically-significant elm trees in the original Orenco neighborhood will be inducted into the Oregon Heritage Tree Program on Saturday, Sept. 28.

The trees will be celebrated beginning at 10 a.m. near the corner of Northwest Birch Street and 228th Avenue in Hillsboro. The event is being hosted by Oregon Travel Experience, Hillsboro Landmarks Advisory Committee and other community partners, and the public is invited to attend.

The trees were planted in the township established by the Oregon Nursery Company — ORENCO — which was founded in 1906. ORENCO was the largest nursery on the West Coast at the time, and its nursery stock was shipped all over the country on the Oregon Electric Railway, the route of which is now part of the Westside MAX line.

Employee-owned housing rapidly grew into a company town that was nicknamed Orenco. The nursery planted hundreds of street trees, primarily elms but also birch and oak. The trees to be honored have average heights of 30 to 80 feet, circumferences of 80 to 150 inches and average crown spreads of 15 to 45 feet.

The trees are approximately 100 years old.

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