Hillsboro school also seeks to double enrollment

The Hillsboro School Board will soon decide how much financial support to give to the district's lone charter school.

Leaders of City View Charter School have requested a 10-year renewal of the school's existing charter; the go-ahead to double its enrollment to 432 students; and a 90 percent share per student of the State School Fund money.

In a school board work session held Tuesday, district superintendent Mike Scott recommended board members approve the 10-year charter extension and the enrollment increase, but not the increase in funding.

Oregon law requires the school district to pass through 80 percent of SSF money per student to the charter school. The district has done that for the first 10 years of City View's existence.

Scott said that City View already gets services from the school district, including special education services for 26 students, business services from the district office and professional development opportunities for its teachers.

"When a student chooses [to attend] City View, that doesn't decrease the cost to the district," Scott said.

"The needs of the students at Hillsboro [School District] are needs we have as well," City View Executive Director/Principal Jeff Hays told the board. "We are in the business of educating children as best we can."

"Funding something at the minimum amount required by law feels like tolerating, not supporting, said school board member Glenn Miller. "I don't mind investing in your program. I want to see a business plan."

City View opened in 2004 and currently serves 192 students in Kindergarten through eighth grades. The school is located on the grounds of Alliance Bible Church on Southeast Bentley Street.

Should the board approve a doubling of enrollment, leaders of the school have plans to find a new location for the school.

The school board will make a final decision on City View's request at the Jan. 27 meeting.

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