The Schochs milk about 20 cows twice a day, everyday. The cows are not grain fed, but eat only local grass hay. The Schoch Dairy & Creamery is now inviting customers to pick up farm fresh half-gallons of whole milk and meet the cows that made it.

After a successful campaign in the spring of 2014, the Schochs were able to install their own pasteurizing and bottling facility at their family farm on West Union Road in Helvetia.

Dave Schoch left a lucrative career as a mechanical engineer 25 years ago to take over the dairy for his parents, Hans and Sally Schoch, who still help out around the farm.

They used the money to buy pasteurizing and bottling equipment from the 1950s that Dave restored. They completed the installation and received their certification and licensure from the state of Oregon in October.

Dairying is a family tradition the Schochs want to keep alive. That’s why for the last few years they’ve been transitioning out of traditional large-scale dairying and trying something new.

Once milking almost 200 cows and selling the product to large commercial milk processors, they were slaves to milk prices set by the government. The Schochs now milk only 20 cows that all have names, and sell the milk directly to customers.HILLSBORO TRIBUNE PHOTOS: STEPHANIE HAUGEN - Ben Schoch helps his parents with their newly installed on-farm pasturization and bottling facility at Schoch Dairy & Creamery on West Union Road in Helvetia.

Located just a few minutes off Highway 26, the Schochs are hoping their new business model will draw the crowds from the ever-increasing urban population in Washington County looking to buy fresh, local food and meet the farmers who produce it.

They’re also hoping it will allow them to keep the lifestyle their family has worked generations for.

The farm is located at 24335 N.W. West Union Road in Hillsboro and are open every day from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Half gallons are $4 and there is a $2 bottle deposit charge.

The Schochs raised more than $50,000 on, a crowd funding website, to make their dream of operating their own bottling facility a reality.

The whole family -- (left to right) Casey, Dave and Ben Schoch -- help on the farm now that they've got their own bottling facility set up.

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