COURTESY PHOTO - Forest Grove resident and Master Recycler Cecelia Warner will once again bring her conservation message to the Forest Grove Farmers Market this year.One less. That’s the message Cecelia Warner will be promoting at the Forest Grove Farmers Market Waste Center this season.

It might involve taking one less trip in the car and biking or walking instead.

It could mean using one less disposable paper plate, plastic utensil or paper napkin, which continues to be an option at the Wednesday farmers market as the hot food vendors will still offer meals on reusable, sustainable dinnerware.

Part of the One Less campaign is the sale of ChicoBags printed with the slogan, “One Less Plastic Bag” at the Waste Center for $3.

Warner said she hopes her message will not only “remind bag owners that they are helping the environment by reducing use of a nonrenewable resource, but that other shoppers will notice the message and will use one less plastic bag as well.”

ChicoBags are made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled PET soda bottles and are “so handy and easy to carry,” Warner said, that she recommends using them at any grocery store.

The ChicoBags bags were funded by a mini grant from the City of Forest Grove Sustainability Commission.

Previous campaigns at the Waste Center included “Straws Suck,” which encouraged using fewer plastic straws as they do not recycle in Forest Grove and are “usually unnecessary when dining in a restaurant,” said Warner.

Another campaign helped people remember their reusable shopping bags by giving away automobile window clings that said, “Got Your Bags?” The “Capturing Caps” campaign collected over 140 pounds of otherwise landfill-bound plastic threaded bottle tops.

And last season the campaign was “Don’t Waste Food, Dude!,” which partnered with the Washington County “Eat Smart, Waste Less” challenge.

“This program is an ongoing effort and will have a presence at the Waste Center for several weeks during the Farmers Market season,” noted Warner.

For more information about the Waste Center or recycling, contact Warner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to Facebook and visit the “Waste Center at the Forest Grove Farmers Market” page.

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