Deputy Bryce Kampwerth used illegal steroids in May, according to the Sheriff's Office

Bryce KampwerthA Washington County Sheriff's Office deputy turned himself in on Monday evening, charged with possession of a Schedule III controlled substance.

Bryce Kampwerth, 33, of Sherwood, was booked in Washington County Jail on one count of possession unlawful anabolic steroids. According to the Sheriff's Office, Beaverton Police investigators learned Kampwerth was in possession of the steroids in May 2017.

Kampwerth was indicted on Class A misdemeanor charges on Dec. 15. He has been with the Sheriff's Office since 2014, and is assigned to the patrol division.

Sheriff's Office spokesperson Jeff Talbot said Kampwerth has already been released on his own reconizance had been placed on paid leave during the investigation. Talbot said the Sheriff's Office will consider placing Kampwerth on unpaid leave.

A Washington County Jail deputy was arrested for sexual abuse on Dec. 14. Kevin Kearns, 45, allegedly sexually touched a coworker while on duty.

Talbot said the two arrests were unrelated.

"In general, we want to be transparent with the media and the public about such incidents," he said. "We don't want to be reactive and wait for someone to find out before we provide information."

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